Pros and Cons of Ruby Virtual Receptionist USA – Read Before Making Decision

Ruby virtual receptionist review

Virtual receptionist is one of the most trending job profiles in the United States of America (USA). A virtual receptionist provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

According to the latest list by the clutch, there are 268 plus virtual receptionist companies in the USA. Ruby ( is one of them and the leading virtual receptionist service providers.

Top uSA Virtual Receptionist companies, list by Clutch 2022
Source: Clutch

In this post, we will give our honest opinion and review of Ruby. 

What will we cover to give our pros and cons for Ruby?

99feed’s experts always try to make your decision-making easy. Our experts cover the below things to find whether a Ruby virtual receptionist or live chat specialist is suitable for you or not.

  1. Ruby’ Receptionist’s company background, including their vision for you
  2. Ruby’s answering service price – or is it affordable for you?
  3. What customers love and hate with Ruby virtual receptionist services
  4. Ruby’s approach to make your business successful

So, let’s get started.

Ruby company background, including their vision for you

Ruby offers remote-based call answering services for small businesses in the United States (USA). Jill Nelson founded the company in 2003. 

  • The company is located in Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Ruby employees approximately 500 – 1000 virtual receptionists
  • The organization ranking of Ruby in the United States is 18,161 (Crunchbase Report)
  • The total funding amount of Ruby is $38M

Ruby’s vision is to provide personalized call and chat answering services to small and medium-type businesses in the USA.

Ruby Answering service price – or is it affordable for you?

Is Ruby affordable for my business? Let’s check it now!

Ruby is currently offering three types of the plan;

  1. Receptionist Plans
  2. Chat Plans
  3. And Bundle Plans

The receptionist Call Plan starts from $219 to $1,499 per month. This basic plan is suitable for small businesses or individual professionals service providers. 

basic call plan of ruby receptionist
Source: Ruby Website Price

That chat plan is also suitable for small businesses. If you are running services like Digital Marketing, Software Services, or a SaaS business, a chat plan is best for you.  

Ruby Chat Plan

And the Ruby Bundle plan comes with both options, Call and Chat. Not every time a customer starts engaging with your brand with a chat option. For example, you are a plumber and need to give customized job information to a customer. They may reach out initially over chat but due to the content of their request, need to be switched over to a phone call.

Source: Ruby Price Website

The price is relatively low for many small businesses where a single product/service has a high cost. Basically, as a business owner, you can convert many potential customers while working on other projects. A virtual receptionist can handle all your business inquiries and conveniently convert them into paying customers. 

For example, if you buy the Ruby 200 receptionist minutes plan, you get 4 hours of peace. So, you can focus on delivering services. 

If a Ruby virtual receptionist attends ten calls per day on your behalf, and if we consider a 20% conversion rate (based on market standard), you are getting two paying customers daily. 

What customers love and hate with Ruby call center services

No doubt! Ruby is also one of the major players among 268 virtual receptionists in the USA.  

According to a success story of Ruby’s customers Prero Orthodontics, the business got 40% more leads after the immediate implementation of Ruby’s Chat Plan. 

Ruby approaches to make your business successful

How do Ruby chat and call agents handle business inquiries? An essential question for any business like you!

Ruby receptionists have their core model of success. They follow some steps to give quality and a high level of customer service in the USA.

Here are some key features of benefits of using Ruby are;

  • 24/7 call answering and live chat service
  • Dedicated bilingual receptionists
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Top-rated mobile app to manage all this (and more) from anywhere
  • Their agents help to grow business.
  • Ruby offers personalized call and chat services.
  • Staff at Ruby receptionist try to build customer loyalty.

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