Namecheap marketplace offering top 15 premium domains under $10,000

most premium domains on namecheap markeplace for sale

Namecheap is one the popular domain registrars in the market. Domain and buying and selling are also one the most active services like GoDaddy.

Recently Namecheap Marketplace have listed some very popular keyword-matched domain for sale. These domains have .site and .xyz, .co and .com extension.

Check out Too Buy Now domains on Namecheap marketplace

The domain has lots of offer to buy it. The domain is quite very popular in the digital marketing industry. The domain is perfect for templates selling companies, graphics designer, video editor etc. domain is now for sale on namecheap marketplace
Source: Namecheap Marketplace

99 is a popular keyword and wd is stands for web development. This is low length domain and it is very useful for web development companies and niche.

The domain is available to buy in $5000 and

Both domain and are perfect for affiliate marketing. The price for these domains are $1,200 and $1,000. namecheap domain listing, domain auction, buy now
Source: Namecheap Marketplace and more

Quick hack is very popular keyword and keyword-targeted based domains are always useful. domain is perfect for sharing tips and tricks for any niche.

Such websites can be monetized easily for affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. Some more domains listed with same name;

quickhack domain listing on namecheap marketplace
Source: Namecheap Marketplace domain is best for one time content publishing and getting high visibility on search engine. The domain name perfect for anyone who wants to make money from Google Adsense. The domain cost is $2,900.

More in this niche;

The domain is best for Google Adsense monetization as well as affiliate marketing. Such domain required less contents to generate passive income. Currently the domain is listed with $2,900. domain is suitable for business niche. Under 30 is very popular keyword for news and media websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur etc. Such domain can be used for business person listing website and later it can be use for affiliate marketing plus Google Adsense. is also available on marketplace.

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