How mental health journal can help to keep your mind healthy?

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According to a report by Statista more then 12% of the Global Population (Data Source 2019) are affected with mental health disorders.

Percentage of the global population that suffers from select mental health or substance use disorders as of 2019
Source: Statista

Moreover, Statista (Source data 2017) also shared a report in which 970 million Indian people are suffered from depression and stress. 

Statista also indicated that the economic conditions are also affected because of mental health issues in India. 

We all read and watch lots of news daily related to lost lives due to stress and depression. 

What is the best solution to keep your mental health healthy?

Keeping your life stress free is challenging, and even most people get forested from working on their mental issues. 

The good news is that there are tons of solutions to keep your mind peaceful and healthy. Yoga, Meditation, some activities, and Journaling are some of them.

Let’s see, how can the mental health journal help you?

A mental journal is a set of dedicated self-care guides, books, and cards. These cards and books are built with beautiful designs. 

Here are some significant benefits of mental health journal for your body, mind, and spirit. 

Getting your mind healthy with mental health guidebook and cards is a good idea. 

An influential journal comes with multiple things in a single kit like;

  • Self-care step by step guide card 
  • Daily mood tracker 
  • Daily habit tracker
  • Notes to write daily reflections and thoughts 
  • Inspirational and motivational cards
  • Stress management tool
  • So on.

Recommended Journal – Cognizavest Soultrip

cognizavest soultrip mental health journal

Soultrip is one of the best Journals out there, if you want to invest in your mental health. This journal is designed by Cognizavest (One of leading Institutes in India for Psychology Coaching).

Soultrip offers tons of tools, cards, and notes with an easily understandable explanation.

The Journal can give you a better understanding of keeping your mind, body, and spirit healthy. 

The mental health journal has tools like self-care, daily routine, mood tracker, habit tracker, etc. You would love the colors of the card quality of self-care books and notes. 

Conclusion on Cognizavest Soultrip Journal

If you want to work on your mental health, then a journal is the best solution. You would enjoy the Soultrip mental health kit with simple, effective, beautiful cards, notes, books, and tools. 

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