How Dukaan® an alternative to Shopify is dominating market?

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The marketing strategies of Dukaan® is always effective to dominate the market. It was June 2022 when Dukaan offered lifetime deal on AppSumo platform to get global exposure. And the good news is Dukaan founders got success after launching the lifetime deal on AppSumo.

AppSumo is an American companies who offer software and tools on lifetime deal and they have millions of customer database globally.

Dukaan founders had a good idea about AppSumo marketplace and that’s why they decided jump into.

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According to a media report by TechCrunch, The Bengaluru-headquartered startup, which counts Lightspeed Venture Partners and 640 Oxford Ventures among its backers, says over 1,000 premium direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands have already started using the Dukaan platform in the past week to serve their customers.

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How Dukaan is competing with Shopify Globally?

Shopify is one of best choice when it comes to build a high-converting eCommerce website. According to a report by macrotrends, Shopify records $1.29B in revenue.

shopify revenue 2021 and 2022

The recently joined Global customers are happy with Dukaan. In compare with Shopify, Dukaan has affordable subscription.

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It is also noticed that people are happy with Dukaan performance especially the speed of website.

More than 1000 customers are already using Dukan to sell their products globally. It looks like Dukaan has a bigger mission to beat Shopify around the world.

Upon checking the roadmap of the Dukaan, we found that they are working on some major updates that could bring more flexibility and freedom to eCommerce owners.

Dukaan roadmap, Dukaan is working on some major updates like theme  building, digital products selling etc

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